Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Valentine's Message of Love by guest writer Justin Blackburn

A Valentine’s Day Message of Love for Everyone
by guest writer and poet, Justin Blackburn

I would like to thank you for being here with me, with everyone here on this strange, dramatic, and beautiful planet, during this charming Valentine’s Day dedicated solely to the expression of love. What a wonderful thing to do, to take a single day and celebrate love!

But what is love? And why are we only supposed to celebrate it once a year? And why does it come on February 14th?

Now I could tell you the story of the many St. Valentine’s and good ol Pope Gelasuis but basically we celebrate Valentine’s Day because someone said to and most of us do what we are told. So imagine if we were told to celebrate love everyday! Imagine if we were told not only to celebrate the love of our significant others, but the love we have for everything… mothers, brothers, sisters, friends, grandparents, strangers, trees, birds, dogs, sunsets, clouds, poetry, films, oxygen etc. Imagine how much love would fill our hearts and dazzle our minds on a daily basis! Imagine how satiated, how happy we would all be together!

So right now I am going to do you and myself a favor, I am going to call myself St. Justin and I am going to declare everyday for the rest of everyone’s lives, Love Day, and I am inviting everyone in the world to celebrate love every single day they are alive! Cause let’s be honest, what are we all searching for? What is the great mystery that we are all doing our best to find? What is the reason we are all still surviving? Simple, it is love. Love! Love! Love! Beautiful, heartfelt, feel it in the soul, hear it in the spirit, praise it in the mind, perfectly divine all the time, love! Love is what created us! Love is what is evolving us into a state of love!

It is easy too think we want money, fancy cars, popularity, accomplishments, notoriety, etc. but what if we all felt loved, what if we all knew in our hearts we were fully loved by everyone all the time, do you think we would still want what it is we think we want? Or do you think we would be satisfied simply by being ourselves and we would not feel forced to find outside images to define us in order to make ourselves feel better? No big deal, just think about, and as you think it about do your best to feel your love because what makes us happier than love? Nothing.

I would like to thank you for reading my Valentine’s Day message and I hope I follow my own advice and I celebrate my love and your love everyday for the rest of my life because I know in my heart of hearts where I was born and how badly I desire to go back there. Thank you. I love you.

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