Sunday, October 5, 2014

On Wandering, Farm Fresh Fair, and More!

I once read that the happier one is at home, the less they desire to travel.

I'm torn with this phrase, because I do enjoy traveling, but I've come to find I do it less and less as I get older. And when I do, it is to some familiar place, like our beloved Isle of Palms or the mountains. The same beach, the same mountains, but not even as often as I might have done just two years ago. So I do believe there is some truth in the idea that being happy where you are makes you less inclined to roam, though I still do occasionally get the urge to wander...

...just maybe not as far and wide as I once did.

Sometimes no farther than my own patio...
Nowadays, I'm more likely to be found enjoying events and activities a little closer to home, such as The Farm at Rabon Creek's annual Fresh Farm Fair a couple of weekends ago.

Inspired Community...yes it is!!
I'm so grateful to my hometown friend Steve (thanks again!!) for making me aware of this wonderful, local event. I grew up in a small Southern town, lived right on Main Street until I left home (to wander), but I'm an 'adopted country girl' through and through. And this event was right up my alley!

Of course, getting there was half the fun! Traveling country roads, remembering why I love my GPS so much...

Old cabins are such a common sight here in rural SC...

Once we arrived, it was so much fun to just look around and enjoy the country sights!

I want one!

Still my heart...I want one of these, too!

And I'll take a few of these as well!
Farm Fresh Fair is, and I quote their website here as they say it best, "an inspired community sharing their passion, a curated event for artisans who make handmade goods. It’s a gathering of vintage lovers and a home for makers of rescued, restored, and re-purposed delights. It is healthy, scratch-made, Farm Fresh food from local farmers. It is a farm bustling with entrepreneurs."

This reminds me of the house I grew up in, with parents who appreciated the worn and well-loved item!
Something for everyone, even those whose taste run to the more 'eclectic'!
And yummy foods...not only was there an amazing array of local honeys, but fresh homemade breads, ice cream, and lots of choices for lunch!

This came home with us!
Fine dining, country style!
And if a sign like this doesn't catch my eye, nothing could!

Yes, please!!
Lunch on a haybale!
I just fell in love with the sight of this little girl in her handmade dress! 

And so many other beautiful things to see!

Community art installation!

Mums and the bread, our souvenirs!

It was a pretty warm day, but cool in the shade!
After a couple of hours, we were ready to head out and explore a few other sights. I grew up with 'country drives' being a favorite family activity, so I decided we'd take one of our own and see where we ended up!

What is a more Southern roadside sight than this?...
...The Boiled P-nut man, that's what!!!
We ended up at Yo Cup Coffee House in Clinton! 
Right on East Main!

I love trying out new coffee houses, and this one has hit the nail on the marketing head offering frozen yogurt as well as java! Something for everyone! It was a great spot for some much needed coffee for me and a sweet treat for the boy! Then we headed towards Laurens and discovered Little River Park

A fun-filled day, and all less than an hour's drive from home! Please visit links to the sites through this blog to find out more information and/or to follow them on Facebook! I leave you with this South Carolina image and saying...

Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina!
( If you pronounce 'finer' the way we do, I promise the phrase will rhyme!)
And now, it's time for me to get ready and head over to the Big House (my family home) for the celebration of my birthday! Can't wait! Happy Sunday, dear readers! May you have a blessed week! 

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Virginia ("Ginn") said...

We had a great time at the fair too - wonderful craft vendors and music and lovely plants. And of course, being a crazy chicken lady, I enjoyed the free-ranging flock! I'm goin' back this year. <3 - Ginn