Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Earth is not Round

The Earth is not Round

The earth is not round. It is
all around.

The hawk soars above you.
Try as you might
you can't do what he does. You
will never see as he sees.
You can fly, yes, and you can
look down from on high
but it's different from the window of a plane,
the top of a tower. These are only
attempts to reach
the type of freedom
he was born with.

But don't envy the hawk. Better to
cast your hand
into the soil. This you can do.
The earth is cool
deep. It is here
that you can plant

It is here
where you can nurture
the tiny seed into
a vine that runs across
carefully manicured lawns
like a wild woman,
succulent and beautiful,
making you wonder why anyone ever thought
that a patch of earth
would look better tame.

No, don't envy the hawk.
His wings grow tired from soaring
and hunting
...always hunting. Rather
remember that you, too, can fly
but he can only drag
a talon through the dirt. He can't
plant seeds
that bear fruit.

From above
he watches you
cast seeds into the womb of the earth.
Always hunting,
he watches
as your garden grows.

She Walks Two Worlds, painting by Amy L. Alley
The Earth is not Round copyrighted 2012 by Amy L. Alley

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