Monday, March 18, 2013


Yesterday and much of the weekend was spent this way...outdoors, lying on my back, feeling the warmth of the sun and the healing energies of the earth, listening to birds singing and my son and his friend/s playing in the nearby creek.

Some friends were discussing camping the other day, and I bowed out. I spend so much time in the woods that, quiet honestly, I've no desire to sleep there. But I'm lucky enough to live beside woods, and a creek, and can escape there as often as I like. I'm lucky enough to have raised my child in the woods, where he is completely at home, as I am. I could have so easily dozed off, lying there in the sun, not because I was tired, but because I felt so at home, and at peace.

Still, it amuses me that lying on one's back on the ground is now becoming a health movement known as 'grounding'. People in tune with nature have *always* known and recognized it's healing properties. Even as a child, I knew I felt better when I could spend more time outside. Still, if more and more people decide to partake in this simple and yet profound act, I suppose it can only help humanity. In any event, perhaps it will lead more people to appreciate, and therefore want to preserve, nature.

And if you need me during the coming warm evenings, afternoons, or weekends, look no further than the sunny bank along the creek's edge.

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