Sunday, March 9, 2014

Beverly's Bracelets...Treasuring the Handmade

I get very excited when people do brave new things. And I'm excited to share with my readers a brave new thing my friend Beverly is doing.

Creating jewelry. Handmade, beautiful items, with an artisan's attention to detail and a diva's eye for style.

This blue and gold is just exquisite...
I host a bi-monthly knitting group at my home, which ends up being more of a show-and-tell, socialize, and nibble-on-all-kinds-of-goodies group than a knitting group, and this was no exception. While I served the Karelian Pies (post on that culinary adventure to come!) Beverly displayed her creations...

Turquoise discs and mother of pearl...

The button clasps are eye-catching and fun!
I am always excited when someone creates something beautiful from their imagination. Beverly has taught herself to make these bracelets, which inspired her to join the Greenwood Artists Guild.She now has many items in stock in the Artists Guild Co-op Store, which is located in the Federal Building at 120 Main Street, Uptown Greenwood, SC. However, she is happy to ship items anywhere in the US and abroad!

Turquoise, black, and white - you can't go wrong with that combo!
Wrap bracelets compliment any wardrobe and style...

...and look great paired with other jewelry pieces!

And so, we delighted in trying on the bracelets and enjoying handmade, one-of-a-kind items. Beverly's creations are very fairly priced, ranging from $10 to $25, and take on average of one - three hours to create. She also takes commissions for particular colors, styles, etc.

They look fantastic layered! 
I had to have the blue and gold is currently my go-to color, and gold just makes me happy!

My blue and gold Beverly Hill original!
Of course, I just had to give Beverly this shout out in my blog, to share her beautiful work with my readers, because she is the person who taught me how to knit, which led me to look at the handmade in a whole new light. As an artist, I often found myself surrounded by people who placed 'collector' value on handmade items..i.e., what one might sell for in a gallery, or what it would be worth twenty years from today. Knitting taught me to value the handmade for reasons that have nothing to do with money. It taught me to create for the soul purpose of enriching my life, and the simple joy of creating...and I've never looked back.

To see more of Beverly's work, purchase one of the items above, or commission a special piece for yourself, you can visit the Artists Guild Co-op Shop at 120 Main Street, Greenwood, SC or send Beverly a message at

My new bracelet's going to match my H√∂yhenenkevyt sweater perfectly! :-)

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