Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Unplugging and Getting Outside!

Occasionally I notice that I seem to be spending too much time connected to tech and not connected to what is real, live and in front of me. Or at least, with so much professional and personal communication now taking place electronically, it can seem that way.

I'm now committed, more than ever, to unplugging as much as possible so I can focus on the things I love doing, such as spending time with my son, and being out in nature as much as possible. And Autumn is my absolute favorite season for being outdoors!

Here in the American South, summer can be stifling. With highs often in the triple digits and humidity making it feel even toastier, spending time outside can take real dedication. The woods, however, tend to be cooler, even on ninety-five degree days like today. We spent a majority of this day off from work and school enjoying the woods and all the signs that the lovely fall season is soon to be upon us! After a long Southern summer, we are ready for some cooler temps! 

Seeing the changing leaves is so thrilling!


And the creek...these woods have been a huge part of my life since before my son was born, and he has grown up exploring them. I used to worry because we did not have a tidy, fenced yard of our own, but I could not have asked for a better backyard for him to roam and play and learn in than these woods!

We have watched so many seasons of geese grow up at this pond,

caught tadpoles, watched the heron fish,

or just relaxed! 

Reconnecting with the grounding energy of nature is so essential to our happiness and well-being, especially because I spend my workday indoors and very engaged with computers and technology.  My son spends most of his school day inside as well, so this time is healthy for both of us.

We are so blessed that we don't have to go very far to be in nature. Just a few steps from our front door...

and we are there!

This week I read a post on a favorite blog about setting boundaries with media and I want to reference this subject here as well, because it is so important. My decision to unplug in the evenings and spend only a small amount of time with technology on weekends simply means I am making the conscious choice to spend less time looking at a phone or my computer and a lot more time looking at the world around me. 

So I challenge you to unplug a little today, even just for a few hours, and get out there. Autumn is coming for those of us in Northern Hemisphere, and there is so much beauty to see this time of year! Today was the most amazing day with many hours spent outdoors just enjoying being in nature and being in the moment. I was very tempted to pull out my new yoga mat and flow through some poses right there on the trail, but I decided to save that for another day. 

Today, I just enjoyed being here.
Where we are. 


Anonymous said...

Love the nature!

That last picture would make a great poster!

Love from Finland

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