Friday, October 3, 2014

Professional Changes, Busy Days, and a Video for You!

There are so many posts I am behind with, including ones about our wonderful visit to The Farm at Rabon Creek for Farm Fresh Fair and last weekend's powwow sponsored by The Palmetto American Indian Association. My phone is bursting with pictures and I'm full of stories to share with my readers.

First, however, I'll share with you exactly what is taking quite a big chunk of my time. I do not write much about my professional life, but I will share this with you here..I am currently back in school in order to change what I do professionally. Yes, I am a student again, at almost 41 years old, while working full-time, and parenting a child solo.

 This does not mean I am leaving education, I will remain in this field but in a completely different context. I have returned  to school to received proper certification so that I might work exclusively with children who have learning disabilities.

My reasons for doing this are deeply personal. I will write more about it in time; however, I am sharing a video with you now so that we all might understand the need to view learning disabilities more as learning differences. A classmate coined that term this week and I think it should become the widespread phrase.

Because words are important. The meanings and feelings they conjure in our minds are important. And thought the coursework is intense and the time commitment, while manageable, is a bit overwhelming, I know I am making the right choice for myself, both personally and professionally.

However, there may be times when my blog posts, which I am committed to maintaining, become a bit sporadic, and I just wanted to make sure my readers know why. :-)

Enjoy the video. It nearly brought tears to my eyes!

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Virginia ("Ginn") said...

A career shift! You will have a lot to share - what a wonderful way to use your gifts. I'm working (and have worked) with readers for the past 7 years or so the video was especially meaningful to me. I have met amazing people who live with the challenge of dyslexia and have become quite successful. Thanks for posting this! - Ginn, Across Town Enjoying a Lazy Friday