Monday, December 1, 2014

Oh Happy Days...Holidays and Birthdays

It was a big week, with the Thanksgiving Holiday festivities! Seeing family and friends, and cooking the turkey for only the second time ever!

I delighted in serving it on this vintage platter, a treasured gift from a friend. It had been in his family for decades, and I love that it's now a part of our celebrations and traditions as well!

But this weekend also had another very special day - my son's tenth birthday party! We spent 'Black Friday' not out shopping with the masses (most of our gifts are either already wrapped and under the tree or handmade items in various stages of completion!) but getting the house ready for a party! Just like we're committed to keeping the holidays a simple, stress free time, we wanted to keep the birthday party low-key and stress free as well. Still, there was much preparation to be done, including leaf-print banners...

Remember that little house on the right...
...and making my son's favorite hummingbird cake...

The little train cake topper has been with us about six years now!
A bit of glitter makes anything festive, even newsprint and the brown paper insert from a wrapping paper roll! Yaay simple, fun, handmade decor!

We were thrilled that our little Tomten, Ingrid, arrived from Audrey Eclectic just in time for the party!

And shortly after lunch, we welcomed family and a few friends as well! Our cozy little home was bursting at the seams, but it was wonderful!

My sweet niece and her beau make a cute couple, don't they?
Singing birthday songs!

Opening gifts!


There's that little house from earlier picture!
My son painted it for my parents as an early Christmas gift! 

Friends who are like family are so special!
776 pieces of fun, heh heh!!
It was such a happy day, following the happiness and celebration of gratitude that is Thanksgiving, and then followed by the first Sunday of Advent, which heralds in the magic and wonder of the coming winter holidays!

This year's Advent calendar, a gift from afar!
 I can't image that ten years have passed so quickly since the day of my son's birth...or who I was before I became a mother. And in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I can honestly say I am so grateful for this journey, this life, friends, family and the work that I have now.

Holidays and birthdays are times to be filled with loved ones being together, good nourishing food, traditions, memories being made...such important moments in our lives! It has been a wonderful holiday break here in South Carolina! Going back to work after five happiness-filled days of holiday break has me ready for the next few weeks! I'll be back soon with a new installment on my Setting Reasonable Goals series and also sharing a favorite Southern pumpkin pie recipe for your holiday feasting!

Happy Monday!

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