Thursday, February 5, 2015

What I'm Loving Right Now!

In honor of Valentine's Day, my favorite holiday next to Christmas, I'll be doing a few posts this months on things I am loving at the moment! First, our homemade Valentines! I did the painting and the boy applied the stickers and we're all set to send out some happy mail! And that big sequined heart in the center is destined for a special friend, but I fell in love with it so completely that I bought a 3 foot long garland of them for my den! Before The February Challenge, of course!

I'm also madly loving Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia Pudding. Oh my goodness, yes!

And A Beautiful Mess, the blog site which featured the recipe, is amazing. Pan Pan Studios totally wants to be A Beautiful Mess when she grows up. No doubt. Hop on over there and spend some time with Elsie and Emma. I am taking a course from them on how to brand and grow my blog soon, and I'm very excited about it!

And this may be inexcusably vain, but I'm also wildly in love with my hair!

I finally had the nerve to go as dramatic with it as I've always wanted to! Bold, thick strips of color...there may even be some new colors added to the mix in the future! If you've been holding of on doing something fun and funky with yours, remember - a good bag, good shoes, and cool hair means you can wear grimy sweats and still look pretty fly. And it's only hair, so go for it!

And although there is so little to get excited about during Southern winters, winter fashion is pretty fun, especially tights. And I have to say, I am loving my black-and-white heart ones!

Old Navy, of all places! I also scored beige tights with black hearts, black sparkly tights and black tights with red polka dots to go with my existing - and possibly excessive - collection of tights and leggings.

And those are a few things I'm loving at the moment, how about you? What are you loving during this month of hearts and candy and cupids and flowers?

Happy Thursday!


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Mari said...

I HAVE TO try that Chia Pudding!! It sounds so so yummy :) Thanks for sharing the recipe link and have a great weekend!