Monday, May 18, 2015

The SimpleTruth About Shoes + Giveaway Winner

It's spring cleaning time here, which I actually enjoy a lot more than I should admit. I love homemaking, and find a zen-kind of joy in keeping our space tidy and pleasant. I especially love sorting and purging and making more space in our tiny little home.

Yesterday, while rummaging through a closet, I couldn't help but marvel over how many pairs of fancy shoes we had stashed away in closets, under beds, etc. I want to be a fancy shoe wearing family, I truly do. There is something about sleek shoes that pulls an entire outfit together. But here's the simple truth: these are the most used shoes in our home...

Yep. And I had to laugh when I took into account that they are always neatly in their place, because we're changing into them just about every day. When an occasion calls for fancy shoes, I'm often upstairs in the closet, reaching far back into to dark, trying to find the mate to a purple faux snake-skin pump that might have been worn twice, maybe three times, in the five years I've owned them, or clamoring to find the shiny silver summer sandals I bought deeply discounted last fall. However, Mucks and Crocs and the eternal Southern staple of footwear, flip flops, are always right where they were shed the night before.

It's funny, how we like to see ourselves, and how this can often conflict with the simple truth of who we are and what we actually enjoy. Today, I'll be donning a pair of the above shoes immediately after work, because the garden needs weeding and if the rain holds out again today, watering as well. It's no mystery to anyone who knows me how much I enjoy being outdoors, working the soil, making things grow, or joining my son for his favorite warm weather activity - wading in the nearby creek.

Not exactly opportunities for fancy footwear....and I'm perfectly alright with that.

I'll close this by congratulating Grace on winning the spring giveaway! Thanks to everyone who entered and commented on social media sites, shared the post, etc. I'll be needing your address for shipping, Grace!

Have a wonderful week everyone!


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Grace said...

Hooray! I just want to note that I love rain boots :)