Thursday, June 25, 2015

Wednesday Photo Essay One Day Late!

Last Wednesday evening, tragedy rocked one of my favorite and most frequented cities - Historic Charleston, SC. 

It's been a long, emotional week for most of us here. Hearts are heavy.

It's also been exceedingly hot. Each day my phone has buzzed several times with special weather statements basically warning everyone not to spend more than a few minutes outdoors during peak hours when heat is the highest. I have coffee and study on the patio each morning then I'm basically indoors until late evening.There's plenty to do inside, but I'm a bit jealous of my Northern friends who are making the most of warm summer temperatures and spending pleasant days outside enjoying the sun. And I'm jealous of anyone who needs a sweater in the evenings in June. That's my kind of climate, warm in afternoons but sweaters needed in morning and evenings!

However, I've managed a bit of time outdoors, working in the garden, long evening walks, visiting the pool, and enjoying our beloved woods, which are always shady and cool! Here are a few images from the week!

A neighborhood kitty! Love this guy and how he strolls around like a boss!
On Father's Day, I prepared all the sides and two desserts, including a Kentucky Butter cake, which is hardly vegan but becoming a much-requested item from my family members! You can find the recipe here. Isn't it lovely? I love about anything I can make in my bundt pan!

My contributions to the Father's Day family feast, loaded up and ready to go!

And I apologize in advance to all of my feminist sisters, but on these long, miserably hot days, I'm quite content being barefoot in the kitchen! This berry pie is a fan favorite here in my household, though I'm still mastering the art of the perfect homemade pie crust! I learned to make this five years ago when I spent the summer with friends in Finland. Every time I get homesick for Scandinavia, which is pretty often, I whip up one of these! I await the day I can buy frozen Ligonberries in the US...until then, it's blueberries, strawberries, and/or raspberries, or in the case of this particular pie, all of the above!

And while we're in the kitchen, I'll end this post with a simple pleasure - I was thrilled to find these lovely white eggplants imported from Holland at a local market. I'd never seen a white eggplant before and I can't wait to make chips out of this guy later tonight!

I hope you can forgive the not-so-nature-centered photos in this post. Now, I think I need to go downstairs, where there are four children playing hide-and-seek and being a bit too quiet! See you Sunday!


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