Sunday, January 27, 2013

Living Here Right Now

Reading in bed...wonder who he takes that after??
Looking out the window of our hotel at the Atlanta skyline, I said to my son, who was lying on the bed reading a comic book, "How would you like to live here, in a big city like this?"

"Duh, Mama," he replied, not looking up from the page. "We are living here, we're living here right now."

It was a reminder to be in the moment. And I loved it.

Now I sit down, having found the words to write about my trip, which was a wonderful time between friends and visiting an amazing shop, The Phoenix and Dragon. (

The trip was an example of my financial philosophy, 'Live simply, but live as though money is no object.'  My friend Debby, my son Eric and I stayed at the Embassy Suites in Buckhead, an amazing hotel that I can't say enough good things about. The indoor pool and jacuzzi alone made it worth every penny.

The view from our doorway...not too shabby!!!
But The Phoenix and Dragon was the main purpose for our trip, and like the Embassy Suites, it did not disappoint. We spent over an hour strolling about, looking at all sorts of merchandise, books, and other items that represent a large variety of everything from spiritual beliefs to holistic health practices. I was delighted when I saw my friend and fellow artist Damaris ( come into the shop, which host a line of her products.

Damaris' product line includes these 7 day candles featuring her own artwork!
Later that evening, while Debby left to visit with her son, my friend Tracy, who I've not seen since my son was a baby, came to visit us at the hotel. We'd been enjoying the indoor pool and were just heading back upstairs when they arrived. It was a wonderful reunion; she was amazed to how my son had grown, and I was amazed to see how her daughter had transformed from a little girl to a young woman.

At Phoenix and Dragon the next day!
Our reunion lasted late into the evening, where we were joined by Debby and her son and had a wonderful time talking and socializing while the kids watched television and drew pictures. Seeing old friends has a way of rekindling in me so many dreams and ideas that daily life can somehow work under the rug. I always feel inspired when I spend time with like-minded people I've known for ages. That evening was a true blessing as old friendships were strengthened and new connections were formed.

The next day, we visited Phoenix and Dragon one last time before heading out. It was great to see my Atlanta friends again. I was excited to learn of the High Museum's coming exhibit of the works of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. I've already made plans to return during my upcoming February long weekend and take in this exhibit.

The kids amusing themselves while the moms shop...again!!
Coming home through Athens, we enjoyed lunch at The Daily Groceries Co-Op and took a stroll to a nearby independently-owned bookstore. I love Athens, always have. There is something to be said for a town that can support such a wonderful place as The Daily Groceries. (  I think I just might like to spend more time in a town like that. Maybe even live there, one day.

But not today. Today, I live here and must focus on this time, this present, this now. Now I am buying a house. I'm not buying clothes for a year, which means when I want something new, I have to make it. I'm going vegetarian again, or rather attempting to, and I'm getting ready to train for my level II Reiki certification. I'm helping my son with homework and exploring the new interests he's developing. I'm planting hundreds of flowering bulbs donated by Jackson-Perkins to our community garden and launching a line of gratitude-based greeting cards, featuring my own art and quotes/poetry.

I'm enjoying living here, right now.... very very much.

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Debby said...

Sounds like a full, interesting and supportive life. I'm glad you're enjoying it! Peace and Love, Debby