Friday, November 14, 2014

Magic Moments

I am required to be at my job site very early. I often grumble about the hour, especially during winter months, but I've found one good thing about having to leave my cozy little home so long before I'm ready.

When I crest the hill at the top of the road, there, waiting, is the sunrise.

Truly a magic moment. I never get tired of it.

Earlier this week, while cutting through the courtyard of our local Arts Center, I did not have magic moments at all on my mind. I was in something of a hurry, my mind filled with many thoughts.

At the top of the steps, however, I stopped, somewhat amazed at what I saw.

Dancing spheres of light created by sunlight reflecting off an installation featuring dozens of small mirrored spheres hanging in the courtyard.


Now, as I head to work, I'm thinking of today, the magical sunrise waiting and the opening of our town's Christmas Village tonight. This weekend will be cold, with lots of fireplace snuggling and reading and coziness and holiday crafting and pecan pie baking...

...and lots of magical moments. I hope yours will be filled with the same!

Happy Friday,

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