Thursday, January 22, 2015

Amazing Promotional Offer to Celebrate New Book Project! .99 sale on The Absence of Anyone Else on Kindle!

I have been slow to come around to eBooks, Kindles, etc. but I'm beginning to realize the catch phrase is true - you can't stop progress. And while eBooks lack the appeal of curling up with a paperback, they are certainly more environmentally friendly. Still, I'm on the fence - I do love perusing bookstores verses shopping titles online. I'm jumping into the arena, however!

In celebration of my new book project, I'm having a special promotion for my 2009 title, The Absence of Anyone Else. Beginning now, you can purchase the Kindle version of this book for only ninety-nine cents on - and KindleUnlimited subscribers can read it for free!

What's it about? Well, it's not autobiographical, but I do believe to be authentic, we must write what we know! There may seem to be some parallels to my own life, but all of the characters and/or situations are entirely fictional!

"Grace Pruitt, struggling artist and single mother, paints into the wee hours of the night, hoping to numb the pain she's felt since fleeing her beloved Asheville, North Carolina, home three years before. Now back in Calvary, South Carolina, the fading textile town where she was raised, she aches for the exciting life she once led in the heart of the Great Smokies and wonders what, if anything, her future holds. When the terminally-ill estranged father of her son reaches out from the past, she finds herself in the midst of an emotional turmoil that is further complicated by the ever-growing stir of feelings towards her lifelong friend Daniel, a dashingly handsome graphic artist who seems unable to express his true feelings for Grace, despite having confessed to love her years before. Just when her plate of drama seems full, Grace gets a glimpse into the life she has only dreamed of when Cristofer Stanley, successful artist and gallery owner, expresses an interest in representing her art. Fueled by a steady stream of coffee, sage advice (and just a few secrets) from her eclectic Grandmother Nan, and the passionate desire to do what is right for both herself and her son, Grace finally finds the courage to let go of the life she thought she wanted and embrace the life ~ and love ~ she was meant to have."

You can read Chapter One in it's entirety here! Then head on over to to download the full version! 

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