Friday, January 30, 2015

Make Yoga Socks for Chilly Winter Mornings, Even If You Don't Knit!

Here in the Southern United States, most of us are not winter people. Winter is a cold, grey affair usually accompanied by rain rather than the snow so common in the North. It's safe to say there aren't any particularly fun winter activities one looks forward to in the South. No sledding, cross-country skiing, or anything like that. Just cold rainy days and cloudy skies interspersed with occasional 70 degree sunny days that make the ache for spring almost physical. If it snows here, it's a huge production because it is so uncommon and life as we know it will shut down for days.

It does, however, drop into cooler temps, cool to us, at least, and I get lazy about some things, like running (when it's 25 degrees? No thank you!) and yoga. Why be lazy about yoga, a typically indoor practice? Well, let's just say I'm not one to blast the heat in my home - we layer up on clothing and try to keep the thermostat modest. This means taking off my socks isn't something I'm so keen to do. I know; it sounds ridiculous but cold feet make for an unpleasant yoga practice, at least for me. However, my body has been feeling the effects of not practicing (even if I skip a couple of days, I know it!) so I decided to knit up some yoga socks!

Cool, huh? These were oh-so-easy to make by simple adapting my favorite sock pattern. Now in my rush to use and share them, I did not block, and in hindsight I would rib the edges to prevent that annoying curling. I'm happy with them, however, and how easy it was to knit them up!

Following my favorite sock pattern, I simply bound off when I came to the point where I'd work on the heel. Then I finished the round. Next, when I came to the heel again, I cast on the same number of stitches I'd bound off and completed another round. I then simply continued the body of the sock, trying it on until I had the perfect length. I bound off right below the ball of my foot.

Again, for my next pair I will certainly rib the edges, even just a few rows, though the curling really did not affect my wearing the socks at all. And my feet were nice and cozy during yesterday's yoga practice! Don't knit? Well you are in luck because you can recycle an old sock into a yoga sock with no sewing or knitting! A great tutorial from Feelgood Style is right here! And trust me, if you check the prices of yoga socks on the market, you'll feel very good about making your own!!

And now, a few images of my winter style. I'm loving my black Amani coat but yesterday was warm enough that I could get by without it. Having fun with winter fashion means tights and layers and cute shoes, no doubt!

Shoes by Bjorn, tights from Old Navy
Got this necklace broken for .50 cents at Gabe's, fixed it in about two minutes! Michael Kors shirt is from
a clothing swap! (Score for me, right?)

Bracelet from Gabe's; I think coral will be my color for 2015! Skirt was thrifted!

Earrings from Gabe's and corduroy jacket was thrifted! Hairstyle inspired by another blog site,
 who I'll soon be featuring here! Baggy eyes courtesy of late nights working on some
really cool stuff for 2015!
Happy Friday and happy last day of January everyone! We are one more month down towards spring! Tomorrow starts the much-anticipated February for the Arts No Shopping Challenge! Are you joining us?

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