Sunday, April 19, 2015

Rewild Your Life April Challenge: Update and Pics

At the beginning of the month, I joined up with the awesome folks over at We Are Wildness for the April thirty day Rewild Your Life Challenge! (For more information on this, visit my post from March 28)

For my son and I, this wasn't too difficult of a challenge as we spend a lot of time outdoors in nature. We're blessed to live right beside a wooded area with trails, a large creek, and nearby ponds. Wildlife is abundant, which is a good thing...for the most part!

We have not only been able to spend plenty of time in our garden, where I was crowned queen...

but we've also been out in the woods...

...and we were even able to spend a lot of time each day out in nature when we visited the coast for Easter weekend!

Here are a few more pictures from our rewilding adventures! I'll be honest, this week it's been a bit challenging with all the April rains, but we've managed!

I love mossy trails!

April showers bring mushrooms everywhere!

So. Much. Love. 

When my friend's family bought this land about 80 years ago, this post was there!

Nature in the city - an old Southern yard on my parent's street!

Beauty along the way
The junkyard dog and I!

Surveying his domain...
Are you participating in the April 2015 Rewild Your Life Challenge? If not, it isn't too late to join! Sign up here and rewild your life today!  P.S. you can follow on Facebook for more rewilding tips!

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