Friday, April 24, 2015

Happy Fashion Revolution Day! #FASHREV

What better a way to round out Earth Week than
  Fashion Revolution Day?!

I would happily be wearing my clothes inside out in honor of this important event were I not laid up in bed recuperating from a minor (but necessary) surgery on my left foot. However, I could not let today pass without making a post and sharing some links with you for some of my favorite eco-fashion folks!

Spiritex - This company is local to me and I own many of their products! I featured them on the blog in 2014 and am a huge fan! Though they have closed their Greenville shop, the Asheville location is a delight and the online store wonderful.

Sustainably Chic - Featured on the blog just a few weeks ago, this is the place to go for ethical fashion accessories! Also Natalie's blog is fabulous and I'm not just saying that because Pan Pan Studios was featured on it recently; it really is a great read! I love her products and her passion for what she does!

Globe Hope - I had to be Scandinavian in a past life; my love for all things Finnish is well-known to my friends and family, and Globe Hope is no exception. SaimaaLife turned me on to this fashion line via her amazing blog posts featuring their products and I've been hooked ever since. I can't wait to actually visit their shop (and maybe even their headquarters) when I'm in Finland again!

There are so many more eco-fashion options out there, including even thrift-shopping. Thrift shops recycle clothing and proceeds go to worthy charities - it's a definite eco-fashion option, as are clothing swaps and simply shopping less. Visit my post on thrift shopping as eco-fashion here!

After the Rana Plaza factory collapse on this date in 2013, a push for ethical practices in the manufacturing of clothing set off a tide of awareness campaigns, but it all comes down to where we as consumers choose to spend our dollars. In the Rana Plaza collapse, 1133 people - primarily young women between 18 and 20 years - working in hazardous conditions for low pay died making clothing for familiar, low-cost fashion brands. 

Safer conditions and fair pay for garment workers is only one step of the journey in the fashion revolution - the other is the environmental toll of cheap, fast fashion. 

But you can make a difference, starting today. For example, one organic cotton t-shirt saves 1/3 a pound - 1/3 A POUND - of pesticides from being released into our environment (thank you Spiritex for that information!) And that's just the beginning of how you can make a difference. 

Visit Fashion Revolution today and learn who made your clothes! 

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