Thursday, February 11, 2016

Thrift Store Score Thursday - Just In Time For Valentine's Day!

I love Valentine's Day! The red and pink hearts, sequined everything, and of course, chocolate! This year it falls on a Sunday, which is going to be great! Our predicted weather, however, is not great...cold, so, so cold, with a chance of a wintry mix. Definitely a bundle-up kind of day.

I'm really over winter the moment Christmas passes. In addition to the miserable unpleasantness of the being outdoors even for a second when it's freaking freezing (sorry all my Northern friends but you can't sell me on the idea that it can be pleasant and/or fun!) it's quite hard to feel fashionable when you have to wear more layers than the Michelin tire man and your friends don't even recognize you when passing on the street. So I was delighted when, on a recent thrifting venture, I found this scarf, just in time for Valentine's Day!

Double take! It's reversible!!!
I love when stitching is visible on a garment, and when I saw this tag, I was even more excited!

green 3 apparel seems to be a pretty amazing company. Committed to high-quality eco-fashion, made in the USA, all organic, and they even work with Aspiro to provide opportunities for for disabled adults. I was delighted to discover this brand! And all of their artwork is hand-created, original to green 3 apparel. Sweet.

Love it!
And folks, my investment was a mere $1! So I'll be rocking my new scarf while out and about this cold Valentine's Day! How about you, what will you be doing on this day of love and friendship?

Happy Thrifting!

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