Thursday, February 4, 2016

Thrift Store Score Thursday - From Tan Pants to an Artist's Dream!

I'm so thrilled my son embraces thrifting for all the same reasons I do - to stay away from fast fashion, help the planet by reusing what's already here, and save money for things like trips and fun experiences. So when he asked if we could run by the thrift store last week to look for some tan pants to wear to his first dance (what?!) I was happy to oblige him.

Where could he possibly have gotten the idea that tan pants are cool?
He also wanted to look for a hat rack for his bedroom. Tan pants and hats. I just love his fashion sense. And since I hadn't had the best day at work, I was looking forward to a bit of thrifting to lift my spirits. Five minutes into our favorite shop, I found this book for fifty cents!

I judged this book by it's cover...which is wonderful!
Then we found the perfect tan pants, a steal for just a few dollars. I neglected to snap a photo, but in all honesty, I think one can use their imagination here.

However, this beaut below was the find of the day! Every since I discovered single-serve French press at Caffe 312, I have wanted a tiny French press for myself. And, voila! The thrift shop delivered!

And it's gold! Squeeeeeeee!
And there was even a handmade pottery mug to go with it! We've been slowly converting all of our dishes to pottery, and I love the color blue, so this baby came home with us as well!

No words. Just Awe. #potteryobsession

HW made this mug twenty three years ago.... I love things that have a few years on them, and a story. Who was HW? We'll never know!
Of course, when you live in a small space, something old has to go whenever something new comes this baby went to a friend who is moving and needed to stock up her mug collection!

Sayonora, Starry Starry Night. You served me well, but it's over now.
Of course, there is often something I stumble upon that is akin to winning a thrift store lottery. And friends, this was it. Right here. An artist's dream, especially an artist without deep pockets who knows exactly how much these sell for new...

TEN DOLLARS??? I'm speechless. I am without speech. 
Alas, this easel could not come home with me because I already have a perfectly good one, and these tend to be one-time investment kind of purchases, but if I had a wee bit more space, I'd have certainly snatched this up! Instead I immediately shared it on social media, and an artist friend snatched it up! Sometimes you just have to share the thrifting love!

What were your finds of the week? The tiny French press made my day and my son can't wait to wear his new tan pants to his school dance. They need a nip and tuck here and there to fit perfectly, but the money we saved, not to mention charity we supported and environmentally-destructive fast fashion we didn't buy is worth a few minutes with needle and thread! The entire total of our purchases that day? Around $7, and that includes the wall mount hat rack, which we also found!

Happy thrifting!

***Jack Kerouac photo from Levi Strauss article 15 Facts About Tan Pants.

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