Sunday, March 6, 2016

You Don't Have to Go Far to Find Magic!

I will admit, if I hadn't given up Netflix for Lent, it's entirely possible I'd have sent the boy to his grandparents and spent the entire weekend in a House of Cards Season 4 Marathon. As it's decidedly not kid-friendly, at the very least I'd have binge watched from 8pm or so until the wee hours, therefore being no good for much on these lovely, sunny, and warm pre-Spring weekend days.

Thank Goodness that can't happen now! Instead, we spent the day doing a bit of local road-tripping! South Carolina is fraught with off-the-beaten path towns and curiosities, and one of them is Wells Japanese Garden, located in historic Newberry. I'll let the photos speak for themselves!

We picnicked under the pagoda! 

I can't imagine how pretty this place is in the during the high point of spring! We'll definitely be going back to check it out. And Newberry is a quaint, delightful little village. We have passed through this town a bazillion times on the way to somewhere else and always said we'd come back one day and just hang out here. When a friend told me about the Japanese Gardens, I decided to make visiting Newberry a definite plan, because one doesn't have to go far and wide to have a worthwhile adventure!

The rare brick streets remind me of my own hometown...

Oh those wonderful blue skies! Spring is definitely in the air...but one still needs a hoodie!

A bit of antiquing is good for the soul. I love being in the presence of old things!

Coffee AND wine? Of course this place had to be checked out! 
While going far away can be very exciting and fun, I find travel to a new place to be rewarding and enriching even if it's close to home. I can be spontaneous, because a day trip requires less planning and scheduling. I'm making it a goal this year to be more spontaneous, because I do love planning and scheduling, probably way too much. In the past I tended to focus on big trips, which were wonderful but few and far between, and I also found I was tending to go to the same places over and over because I knew them, there was comfort in their familiarity, and it was just easier. Now I'm trying to get out more and see new things more often. I find keeping it closer to home (with a few far and away trips whenever possible) fulfills the gypsy in my spirit, educates my son about his home state and region, and keeps my budget happy, too.

So when you are needing a change of scenery, it's great for the well-being just to check out what's nearby, see something new to your eyes, get to know a place just down the road! It doesn't take too much, especially if you pack a picnic as we did. You can have an absolutely magical day and still be home in time for supper!

Happy travels!

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