Thursday, March 24, 2016

Some Awesome Books, Links, and a Spring Recipe for you!

I am not a huge fan of being in front of a computer screen...which is kind of a negative for a writer, but nevertheless, it is true. I prefer real books to Kindles and generally only get on the computer when I am at work, writing or blogging. Still, I've discovered a website that I must explore a bit more, and I want to share it with you!

It's Little House Living, and in the blogger and author Merissa A. Alink's own words, "Here you can learn to save money and make the most with what you have. Whether that's learning how to cook from scratch, checking out creative ways to ave money, and learn how to live simply." All things that are very important to me right now, especially as a mother. If you are like me and prefer books to screens, you can check out the new book with the same title here!

In addition, I've just been told about a new book I'm interested in exploring called Simplicity Parenting. I became aware of this through a lovely blog I follow, Audrey Eclectic, and want to learn more.  No matter how often we purge, it seems there is always more that needs to go. And no matter how much I budget, I still end up feeling, at the end of the month, that it should not cost so much to live if we are living simply. So I am keen to learn more and look forward to exploring the Little House Living blog, book, and Simplicity Parenting.

With no bookstores nearby and a hesitancy to purchase without actually seeing, I've requested our local library order Little House Living. They are great about getting the books I request, which enables me to save money and check the books our as often as I like! (I just checked out Almost Amish again to enjoy over Spring Break!) And by checking books out instead of buying them, I save money and reduce clutter in our home! I just have to muster the patience to wait for that call saying, "The book you requested has arrived!"

I hope that the Easter Holiday is amazing for you and yours. I am on work holiday and get to play happy homemaker for the next week, and I couldn't be more excited! The events, the baking, the time at home, in springtime nature! We'll be starting some seedlings and doing all kinds of other fun things. I hope you will, too!

Recipe for these fun spring treats here!

Have a blessed Easter Season!

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