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Stylish, Handmade, One-of-a-Kind Fashion: Natticakez Crafts on the Blog Today!

I love going to fairs and festivals and checking out all the handmade items. I never ceased to be amazed at the ingenuity and creativity of the artists I meet at these events. I'm especially intrigued by people who combine two of my favorite things, fashion and the handmade, and Natalie Davis of Natticakez Crafts is currently reigning supreme on my list of awesome  fashionistas with her handcrafted necklaces!

 A self-professed 'girl of many hats', Natalie considers herself foremost to be a sister, daughter, aunt and friend and a self-proclaimed 'purple-nista,' - a serious lover of all thing purple! She is also a music and movie lover; traveler; poet and of course, artist. 
Though she has lived in major metropolitan cities like Miami and Toronto, she has made Greenville her home for the past seven years.  "I have loved my life here," says Natalie. "It was a bit of an adjustment at first, but since I’ve been out and about in the community and networking with so many amazing people, it’s really helped me come out of my shy shell."

"Natticakez Crafts was not always Natticakez 'Crafts'," she states. "It started as a nickname given to me by a close friend. Years later, I was that friend, sister, daughter, granddaughter and student that looooved handmade gift giving.  I would make cards, baskets, books, personalized cd’s, and picture frames for gift-giving. Then I starting making diaper cakes filled with gifts and supplies for baby showersFrom there, it led to a few towel cakes and candy cakes that were given as gifts and centerpieces."

"Crafting started for me when I was a young girl. My grandmother has always been that motivational cheerleader in my corner, encouraging me, and over the years my creativity has taken different forms. However, it always tells my story of pain, joy, accomplishments, successes and failures. When I’m creating a new item, it helps me escape the rest of the world. For me, art is the only way to run away without leaving home sometimes."

Natalie shares my passion for the handmade and disdain for mass-produced goods. "In my opinion, handmade work has abundantly more value than anything made in China or manufactured somewhere. It’s my passion, creating something that I would give to my own loved ones or would wear for myself. It’s also the smile on the recipients face when I share with them something that is a part of who I am."

Natalie also enjoys blending old and new in the creation of her designs. "I am very, very particular about what I use. I carefully select the t-shirts and neckties I find in resale shops, and I also frequent retail stores such as Jo-Ann’s Fabrics and Michael’s for specific materials."

Natalie's creations are so unique, I had to pry a little to find out more about her creative process! "My ideas come from any and everything. For example, I love the colors and patterns of neckties and seeing what kind of combinations I can create by bringing them together. I take ideas from jewelry I already have; watching television; the newest trends; and always adding the Natticakez twist to each and every piece! I like to challenge myself to see how I can outdo the last piece I made!"

 "Fashion and coordinating my accessories has been a part of who I am since forever, maybe as far back as my adolescence years. Back in the early 90’s, I used to wear coordinating scrunchies in my hair that matched whatever colors were in my outfit. I was also the first girl in my high school to wear those black and white high top Fila sneakers! Even though I didn't always have the newest styles, I thought creative. I bought tons of gold and silver jewelry (and still do!) but I wanted an alternative accessory that would be unique."

 I can totally relate to Natalie's love of being different and standing out from the crowd while still maintaining a sense of style. "I went online and discovered a whole world of fabric accessories, then let my mind and creativity take over." she states. "Handmade, one-of-a-kind items will allow you to be fashionable while also being unique!"

With one of Natalie's necklaces, you are guaranteed to have something no one else has, and there is no right or wrong way to style them. The designs are suitable for a variety of occasions -  going out for the evening; and afternoon cook out; drinks with the girls; or to the office with a nice pant or skirt suit. 

"It’s about stepping out of the box of mainstream accessories while not even realizing that your also creating the 'Girl, where’d you get that necklace' WOW factor!"

Natalie, who is 'mother' to a 6-year-old Maltese Shih Tzu named Precious, works full-time as Sales Manager for the Hyatt Place in Greenville. "I absolutely love my job," she says, "It allows me to meet and work with people every day. Not only that, I look back at my growth within the company over the last 5 years, from a Gallery Host to Sales Coordinator and now Sales Manager. I’m pretty proud of myself."

 She sees Natticakez Crafts continuing to grow as well and hopes to share her craft and passion with more of the world. "I would love to see my products go worldwide one day. Once I get my website fully up and running, I hope to reach and share my work with more people."

Most of Natalie's designs range between $30-$40 dollars, are hand-stitched, one-of-a-kind works of art, well worth every penny. You can connect with Natalie via Facebook to inquire about any of the designs pictured and/or see new pieces. She is also happy to take custom orders! And if you are in Upstate South Carolina, look for Natalie vending at local fairs and festivals! 

 I'm excited about having one of her gorgeous pieces for summer wear, and have my eye on that purple necklace with the white just do your friendly blogger a favor and stay away from that piece, heh heh! 

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