Saturday, April 2, 2016

On Slow Living, and What Do We Do With All That Time We Save Not Darning Socks?

Hoping everyone had a wonderful Easter holiday! As so many people I know were on Spring Breaks from school and work during this time, I'll preface this post by saying ours didn't go exactly as planned...

After a fun-filled time in Atlanta and Athens, we returned home with big plans for next few days, only to be stricken with a severe case of food poisoning. One of our precious days free from work and school was spent alternating between beds, couches, and bathrooms; the other weakly recovering from the day before; the third trying to catch up on everything missed during the previous two days. The saving grace was that it poured rain most of the time, which meant the bulk of our plans - working and planting in the yard - couldn't be done anyway.

Yesterday evening, I spent some time reflecting on just that, time. It passes so quickly, I wonder if it feels that way to people who stay at home full-time verses those of us who work full-time and cherish 'days off'. It is hard to believe it is already Saturday, and that in just a few short, sweet hours, the regular grind of work and school will resume.

Here, walls and counters and dishtowels get dirtied by hands caked with mud, paint, or dough. Laundry piles up. Hallways need sweeping. Animals need tending. Clothes need mending. Rooms need tidying and weekly foods need baking. Life is anything but slow, and yet somehow the term 'slow living' has come to symbolize much of what is important to me and my son during this phase of our lives. This idea of going back to a simpler time. Last night, as I darned several pair of socks, I imagined how many people would shake their heads and ask, "Why waste time doing that, socks are cheap!"

But there is a high cost to cheap things, and of course, why spend any amount of money unnecessarily?

 What I'm most keen to know, however, is what valuable things are we doing with the time we might save by not darning socks, or hanging out clothes, or making homemade/handmade things?

I'm interested in your thoughts on this for future posts and would love to hear from you! Feel free to comment here on the blog or message me directly!!!

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Mandi @ Most of the Mist said...

I think about this often. Compared to life 100 years ago, or even in third world countries today, we have so many luxuries that we deem necessities now. For clean water, all I have to do is turn a faucet and it's there. If I feel a little warm, just tap a button on the thermostat a few times and the temperature in my entire house becomes more comfortable. I have machines that wash my dishes, clean my clothes, cook and cool my food. Heck, I even have a robot that vacuums my floors for me. But what do we do with all the precious time we save by using all these modern day conveniences? Too often, we squander it on modern day distractions. It's disheartening, but I'm really working on slowing down and being more intentional with our time.