Friday, June 20, 2014

Raw Avocado Chocolate Pudding

Healthy eating is SO important to overall well-being of not only the body, but also the mind. A recent food trend is 'Raw Foods' and I have to admit, I've kind of jumped on board with this one because I discover it works for me! Eating one raw vegetable meal a day really energize me and I feel better in body and mind. I never thought I could give up bread and bread products but lately I find I'm eating them less and less and eating more raw foods instead!

While eating raw foods can sound boring, it doesn't have to be! Several people have asked me for my recipe for raw avocado chocolate pudding, as I've posted few times about making it on social networking sites. This is a healthy and tasty treat and avocados are especially nutritious food for women to eat, so I wanted to share how I make it here with you today!

This is not really 'my' recipe because I discovered it online, but I don't remember where so I can't credit my original source. Still, I'll share the steps I follow to make it as they may be little different from other recipes for this dessert/meal (many are available online, just google raw avocado chocolate pudding!)

First, you need ripe avocado.

 This is tricky because sometimes I have to make it when I notice an avocado has ripened, even if I don't want to eat it at that moment. However, I've made this with avocado not quite ripe enough, and also with one almost over-ripe and it still turned out okay. If you use avocados in meal preparations then likely you know they operate on their own timelines!

Next, a blender! (A smoothie maker would probably also work for this, though I've only used blender.)

Cut your avocado and removed seed...

...then dice. The smaller you can cut it, the easier the blending process will be!!

Toss diced pieces of avocado into blender and add two teaspoons of cocoa. I have used both dark chocolate cocoa and regular. You can also kind of adjust this to taste, sometimes I throw a little more in if I'm really in need of a chocolate fix! You could likely also use carob powder, though I've never tried that.

Next, add honey. I have a honey pot so I kind of just drizzle some in, and I only use local honey which can vary as to taste and sweetness. I don't remember what the original recipe called for, but the more honey, the sweeter it will be. I usually drizzle about a teaspoon and a half in!

Next, add a pinch - literally - of sea salt and enough water to get it moving. This is tricky and can depend on size of avocado. I usually use at least a half cup at first and add a tablespoon more at a time if more is needed. Add too much, and you have a drink! 
I also use ice water so that the pudding will be cold! However if you are making it for later, you can use regular temperature water. Pudding should be thick and consistency of regular puddings. 

 When your pudding is done, you can top with a wee bit of cinnamon (this can also be added to blend!) or coconut, which I especially like!

This is enough for a meal if you use a large avocado, sometimes I have it for supper! It's also a great snack on hot summer day!

Enjoy this raw avocado chocolate pudding recipe!!

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