Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Walking Tour of Greenwood's Beautiful Festival of Flowers Topiaries!

Every year, around the end of May, something magical happens in the town where we live. We'll be riding through downtown on our way to the library or school or to the Farmer's Market, and suddenly my son or I will shout, "A topiary!" 

It's one of our favorite signs that summer is just around the bend, and the first topiary sighting is always a delight. As more are placed throughout the town in preparation for our annual Festival of Flowers, it's very exciting. Every community has some annual event that makes it unique, such as the amazing sand sculptures in Lappeenranta, Finland or the Plymouth Ice Festival in Plymouth, Michigan, where I used to live. Here it Greenwood, it's the Festival of Flowers Topiaries. Thousands of people visit our town each year to view these living wonders, and local residents as well enjoy seeing the topiaries on display.

The collection has grown and grown (no pun intended) and I share with you now photos from our  2014 Walking Tour of Greenwood's Beautiful Festival of Flowers Topiaries!

A monkey with two monkeys!

The accompanying floral displays are as lovely as the topiaries!

This Bird of Paradise is just so awesome!


My son loves the jeep!
Each topiary has a sponsor! We love cooling off in the Velux shelter!

The Lander University Bearcat! Eric gives a thumbs-up to my Alma Mater...

...and a thumbs down to the Clemson Tiger!!

Beautiful sunny day for being outside, enjoying nature in the city!

Cafe windows are decorated for the occasion!

Taking a break in the shade!

Of course, this gets a thumbs up!!! Go Carolina Gamecocks!

Back in his dinosaur days, this was the favorite one!

Our town is growing and growing! Our new Korean restaurant! Kimchi, anyone?

Charming store windows make the tour even more enjoyable!

Beautiful green nature in the middle of town.

All in honor of this amazing event!!

Local readers, I'd love to hear your thoughts about the topiary display this year! If you have not visited yet, they will be on display for a while longer. 
For my readers that are not local, I hope you enjoy this little slice of our town in June! 
It really is 'A Blooming Good Time!'


Unknown said...

Thanks for all the nice pictures! I have enjoyed seeing all of the topiaries each year. What a treat to live in a city that appreciates the Arts and it's artists! It takes a lot of dedicated persons to make the Festival of Flowers the success that it is!!

Mari ❤ SaimaaLife said...

Festival of flowers - What a great and most of all BEAUTIFUL idea!! :) It was so great to see your photos. Thank you, Amy! Unna is already sleeping but I´ll show the ohotos also to her tomorrow. I´m sure she loves to see all those flower sculptures too :)

ramalambadingdong said...

Thanks so much for posting these Amy, we didn't get to see very many of them, so here they all are!

Amy Alley said...

I am so glad you all enjoyed the post and photos!!