Friday, March 6, 2015

Love Knows No...

Happy Friday Everyone! Today's post was going to be about lessons learned during The February Challenge, and then someone shared this amazing video by Trendy Joe with me and I was so moved, I simply had to share it with my readers! So take a moment, or rather, about three minutes, and watch. Think about your biases (if any) and what you believe love should look like.

And then let this video shatter those illusions...

It's amazing what we can see - the love persons share - when outward appearances are stripped away.

What does your heart see?

Have a wonderful weekend! I'll share the post about our February Challenge on Sunday!

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Virginia ("Ginn") said...

I first saw this video a couple days ago and decided to use it as a writing prompt for my English Comp students. It is a great vehicle for starting a conversation on inclusiveness, diversity, love and kindness and illusions.... As the Little Prince says (in the book of the same name) - it is only with our hearts that we see rightly. I hope others enjoy this video as much as I do. - Ginn, Sippin' Coffee in Sunny SC