Saturday, March 28, 2015

Wild Outside People...a challenge for April!

Or perhaps that should read: Get Wild Outside, People! For your own health, both physical and mental.

And you don't have to trek, hike, ride mountain bikes or traverse zip lines over precarious ravines while wearing spandex neon clothing. While it's certainly cool if you enjoy doing that, it's not a requirement to being an outside person.

Just like an enjoyment of hunting, fishing, and camping are not requirements of being outdoorsy. It seems we're always categorizing and labeling and defining ourselves in terms of whether or not we are this or that depending on how well we fit a definition coined by someone else.

We need nature. We were born a part of it, and we need to stay a part of it; whether we fit the definition of outdoorsy or not, our well-being suffers when we do not spend enough time in nature. Just Google well-being and time in nature and you'll find the research.

And so, I challenge you, for the month of April, to shed your notions about what being outdoorsy or an outside person is and get outside! In nature, in nature, in some way, every day. Join me and others around the world as we participate in Rewild Your Life's 30 Day Challenge! You can also join via Facebook!

Thirty days, with time spent in nature carved into each one. You don't need to travel beyond your own community; time spent in nature doesn't need to be adventurous or expensive.

It just needs to be spent.

Hope to see you being wild outside with us during April!!


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