Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Big Exciting (Fashion+Writing) News!

This blog originally appeared on the Spiritex website at on May 2, 2014.



Can these two words co-exist, together?

I’m delighted to tell you yes, they can, right here in Upstate South Carolina, in Greenville’s Spiritex boutique, located on Main Street. And I’m thrilled beyond words to be collaborating with this wonderful company to share their mission and share with you a 100% organic, locally operated clothing line with two walk-in stores and an online shop as well.

I did not know about Spiritex until this spring break week, when, walking in downtown Greenville, the Spiritex sign outside the shop caught my attention. 

The items inside the shop held my attention however, as well as the basis on which the clothing line was founded. From Farm to Fashion, the logo states. 

I can’t say enough about this concept! Borrowing from the website, "...the Spiritex mission is to build a bridge from farm to fashion by deploying local, sustainable and ethical resources."

Who can’t love this?

I fell in love with the Crinkle Cotton Tank Dress in poppy, a perfect item to pair with leggings or jeans under a denim jacket in spring and fall, and on its own with simple sandals for warm summer days.

It feels like heaven on the skin, the colors is fabulous, and the best part, I can feel good about what I am buying because I'm supporting an ethical company…and because I am in a process of simplifying my life and this includes my wardrobe, I am interested in quality, not quantity, pieces I can mix and match and use in a variety of seasons – easily possible in the mild climates of the American South, but through layering, possible in other places as well (Spiritex will ship directly to your door!)

 The Spiritex brand uses simple, elegant lines in their designs, which complement a variety of body sizes and wardrobe preferences, and include items for work and fun, as well as evening-appropriate dress-wear for a night on the town…not to mention a bevy of items for the little ones to round out the selection.

Organic cotton, grown and spun right here in the USA. Clothing created locally, by family owned companies near Spiritex’s Asheville, NC headquarters. My purchase helping to sustain not only local economy, but family-owned business and the environment as well? Oh, yeah. The selection of locally made jewelry items and accessories were also a delight. You just have to visit, either online or in person, and see for yourself.

I am definitely going to be a repeat customer at Spiritex, and I can’t wait to visit the Asheville location! I'm very excited about the collaboration which will allow me to share with you, in the next few weeks, more items from Spiritex!

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