Friday, April 25, 2014

I Am A Runner

For many years, I wanted to be a runner.

I was attracted to the idea of running. There seemed to be a freedom to it, a freedom I wanted to experience for myself. And runners looked strong to me. You'd have to be, to push yourselves that hard, and for that distance. I wanted to be strong, too.

I was told, however, that I couldn't do it. I had asthma, and as a child the world of physical activity had been made essentially off limits to me.

I might have an attack if I ran.

A few weeks ago, I participate in my first 5K. I ran most of it, but as my son was with me, we had periods of walking. And that was okay.

This week, I added distance to my 3x weekly run. Pushing myself, because I love the way it feels. And I love the way I feel after a run.

Being told I couldn't do it as a child only served to motivate me to try harder to do it as an adult. While I embraced all forms of physical exercise in my early 20s, I still hesitated when it came to running. I joined gyms and used treadmills to walk. I took aerobics and lifted weights. I am bit of a hyper person, I have to move, so exercising comes easily to me. And while I was fit, I still believed, somewhere deep inside of me, that I couldn't be a runner.

This is the year that I finally shattered that myth.

This is now my gym. No membership fees, no machines...

And this is me...


****Note: Always speak with a doctor or medical professional before beginning any exercise program, especially if you have led sedentary lifestyle. And start slowly.

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