Friday, April 18, 2014

The Mother my hands, finally!!!

I can't say enough how humbling and joyous it was to come downstairs this morning, open up the beautiful April/May 2014 edition of The Mother and see my own article, Spring Clearing Stess, inside.

I read this magazine when my son was young, and I loved the support it's writers gave to my own parenting choices - extended nursing, baby wearing, co-sleeping, not using corporal punishment. Much of this goes against mainstream American and especially Southern child-rearing practices, and articles such as the ones I foung in The Mother made an impact on me.

I knew what was right for me, and for my child, and our unique journey together.

Now my own words, inside of this magazine. It's a great feeling.

If you'd like a print or digital copy, follow the link below!

You can also subscribe via digitally or print edition.

On another note, to celebrate spring and Spring Break and this accomplishment and my health and so many other things worth celebrating, I'm doing something especially for me...I will be participating in Hannah Marcotti's online course, Space Clearing for the Sensual Woman. I am very excited about this, which begins on April 21. A perfect way to usher in a new season and welcome changes and embrace the good. Visit for more information on this and other courses!


Mari ❤ SaimaaLife said...

Congratulations Amy!!! I´m so happy for you :)

Amy Alley said...

Thank you Mari!!!