Saturday, January 9, 2016

Three Things I Will Not Do in 2016...What About You?

Last year, my friends and I watched The Secret and made vision boards to celebrate the coming of 2015. This year, however, we blasted the Rolling Stones and made Moscow Mules. It somehow seemed more fitting and, to be honest, was a bit more fun (I think all who were present would agree!)

Instead of making resolutions, however, I decided to take a close look at how and where I can make changes in order to be closer to accomplishing both my professional and personal goals. I find this a bit more helpful than resolutions because it involves a lot of honesty and self-reflection, and sometimes difficult choices. It's deciding what I am no longer going to do. Not immeasurable philosophical ideals like 'I won't judge others' but real things that take time and mental energy.

And so, after much thought, there are three things I will not do in 2016 - my 'rever-solutions,' so to say...

1. I will not have a garden.

This was a difficult decision accompanied by no small amount of Mama guilt (don't you just love that?) when my son expressed his disdain that there would be no spring planting. However, a large productive garden takes quite a lot of labor and dedication. I've headed up a community and then a personal garden where I live for many years, but in 2016 I am not going to be doing this. I may plant a few items along or behind my property, but that will be all. Luckily, I have a father who gardens and a fantastic Farmer's Market nearby, so there will be no shortage of fresh, organic veggies in our household.

2. I will not follow homeschooling, stay-at-home moms on Instagram.

Now don't get me wrong, I love all the homeschooling, stay-at-home moms dearly. I just tend to over-idealize their seemingly un-fettered lives as I'm rushing out the door for work in 20 degree weather before the sun rises with a half-awake child who still needs to complete a page of homework at my side. While staying at home to raise and educate your children is definitely an honorable and worthy path, its one that will never be mine. I know this; I'm far too independent to rely on someone else to support me and my child financially, and I don't play Powerball which means I won't be guessing my way into financial freedom any time soon. I also enjoy having a career...but those gorgeous Instagram feeds make me feel that I should be staying home to teach writing on large chalkboards hanging in the den, symmetry through snipping snowflakes from recycled yogurt lids and fractions through incessant bread baking instead of sending my son to school to learn those things while I earn a living. It's conflicting, and I don't need to be conflicted in this coming new year. So...a few clicks and Bye, Felicia.

3. I will not subscribe to fast fashion.

Fast fashion - cheap, dispensable clothing available at every turn is just so tempting, especially if you love clothes and fashion as I do...but it is also destroying our environment and quality of life around the globe beaded tunic by beaded tunic. So this year, with the exception of socks and unmentionables, of course, we will thrift our way into style - which will be the subject of a weekly post, Thursday Thrift Store Score, that I'll be doing here on the blog. I'll also feature some eco-friendly brands and sustainability tips as well. But I won't fall victim to fast fashion superstores and their lame (but effective) wooing tactics this year. Cutting up my cards to these stores was a first step in committing to this - the less you use the cards, the less they lavish you with tempting offers. I'm thinking my ignoring them like this will make them just go away, kind of like the ex whose late night texts you don't respond to eventually disappears!

So there, you have it. Three things I will not be doing in 2016. What about you, can you think of - and commit to - three things you will not do this year in order to focus more on what you really, authentically want to be doing?

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