Thursday, January 14, 2016

Thrift Store Score Thursday - The Devil Carries Prada

Oh my golly gosh...when I slipped away for a few minutes to my favorite thrift store Monday afternoon, wasn't I rewarded nicely!

Yep, that's a ***Prada*** bag. This devil may not wear Prada, but I'll carry it. A good handbag can do wonders, like pulling yoga pants and generic Uggs up to acceptable levels of style (a good thing, too, considering that ensemble is basically my weekend uniform!)

This little easily fixable flaw...

...enabled me to receive 25% off the asking price...of FOUR DOLLARS!!!

I was far more interested in the cross-body strap anyway. Having lived 4 years in the shadow of a major metropolitan city, carrying my bag cross-body to thwart snatching is just too ingrained in my psyche for me to be comfortable with all my pursely possessions dangling loosely from my hand or elbow. So little wire and Gorilla Glue and that - for me - purely cosmetic handle is all fixed up.

I do tend to prefer a more colorful purse, however, so I decided to jazz this up a bit by adding a zebra scarf I thrifted ages ago and never really wore.

My three dolla Prada....ain't she a beaut?

Scarves on purses, are we still doing that? Well, I am! I love the combo of the faux tan alligator skin and silky black and white fabric! And the scarf-bag combo's understated elegance will keep me from yielding to the temptation to dangle a blingy Hello Kitty bauble from it.

This three day weekend (yes!) I'll be sporting my new bag as we venture down to Columbia to see an art exhibit, hang out with friends, drink lots of coffee and visit a vegan cafe!

Bad pose!

Btw, that Michael Kors top I'm wearing was free from a clothing swap I hosted, my flare-legged cords with buttons at the ankle were thrifted for $2, and my black boots were thrifted for $3. So the entire expenditure for today's look? Less than $10, including my bag.

Better lighting...boring pose

Here's to holding on to our hard-earned money! Have you have any thrift store scores this week? Happy Thursday and Happy Thrifting!

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