Wednesday, May 7, 2014

My Favorite Breakfast!

I admit I've always been a bit of a healthy food fanatic. Part of it is growing up and seeing the effects of poor eating habits on those close to me, but also I just know I feel better when I eat better. I have more energy and I love the idea that my primary diet consists of whole, real foods.

However, some things taste so yummy they are hard to resist, like the cookies that were present in the break room at work. They were a delight with my afternoon coffee, and on occasion, sweets aren't so bad of course, but a couple of hours later, I felt so sluggish and tired. Few nights ago I helped myself to some Doritos my son was having with supper. The taste was superb, but the heavy, blah feeling in my belly that came later was not so nice.

So I've learned what works for me, what to indulge in, and what to avoid. I know 'wheat belly' is not a myth and that sugar can feed the feeling of fatigue. I've studied about healthy eating and the body and learned, based on my own experiences, what works for me. What works for you may be different entirely.

One thing that works for me is eating a hearty breakfast, and I'm sharing my absolute favorite breakfast recipe with you right now! I go to bed each night thinking how good breakfast is going to taste in the morning - I love it that much! I eat before 6am most mornings as I leave for work around 7am. I try and avoid snacking during the day, so I need to start my morning with food that will 'stick with me' until lunchtime! 

Here is my morning blend:
Quaker Warm and Crunchy Cranberry Almond Blend. (If you're committed to organic you might can find a similar mix or make up your own with similar ingredients!) Add required amount of milk for preferred consistency, heat until desired temperature (according to instructions)
1 teaspoon organic Chia seed.
handful of organic blueberries (I use frozen as I like the contrast of warm oats with cold berries!)

Stir all ingredients together, then drizzle with honey. I use local, it's healthier and yummier!

Hope you'll enjoy this morning meal as much as I do!

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