Sunday, May 25, 2014

Special News for Readers of PanPanStudios AND The Mother Magazine

In conjunction with The Mother Magazine, I am thrilled to be able to offer my blog readers a 20% on subscriptions using the following code: panpanstudios

This promo code will again save you 20% from a yearly subscription to The Mother Magazine. Read about my experiences writing for this wonderful publication here and here. I will also have an article in an upcoming issue about a subject near and dear to my heart that many readers might relate to! I'm mum on the subject for now, but let's just say I had big smile on my face when I was given the assignment!

I'm also thrilled with my new running clothes. I think one great thing about any health and fitness passion like running and yoga is that it is another reason to buy new clothes.

And spend time outdoors, with my son, which is so important to me.

Leaving him behind with another person while I exercised was never really an option for me, and I'm so glad now about that because it forced me to monitor and adjust how I could work exercise and time outdoors into my life. Leaving him in gym daycares while I worked out on machines never really made me feel happy or good about what I was doing. Taking him along worked out much better for the both of us, though it is hard for him at times to keep up! 

And other times, it is hard for ME to keep up!


Also he learns street safety with bike, which is not so very different in many ways than street safety with automobile, which he will be learning in only 6 short years, hard to imagine, right? 

Yesterday we saw the pileated woodpecker, always a delight, on our morning run/ride and also many nice holiday decorations, like these flags blowing in a most welcomed breeze. I think it was already high into the 80s when we headed out, and breeze was little bit of heaven!

These pictures and words serve as little teaser in small way about upcoming article for The Mother Magazine, and I hope you'll take advantage of the 20% off discount and subscribe today! You'll be delighted as I am every time you open your mailbox and see it there!

Now, this mum and boy are off for an Asheville, North Carolina holiday weekend which includes a visit to Spiritex main store location and also Asheville Salt Cave Sauna and a whole lotta poolside lounging!

Don't forget, 20% discount code for The Mother Magazine for my readers is panpanstudios

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