Friday, May 2, 2014

The Reality of Everyday Life

I read something this week from a person frustrated at the portrayal of everyone's 'perfect life' on social networking. They wanted to see more 'reality'.

Because I am me, this got me thinking. A lot. I looked carefully at my Facebook news feed, which seemed pretty real to me. Nice pics, occasional vents, inspirational quotes...basically, the stuff of every day life. And as I so happened to be participating, at the time, in a photo-essay on everyday life, I took notice of what I was showcasing in my own feed.

A simple image of a hand-knit dishcloth on the stove, celebrating my love of handmade things.

The big brown tabby that my friend Beverly affectionately nicknamed Big Poppa, in honor of his girth.

Taking evening coffee outside, after a day locked inside at work. 

A new wildflower bouquet for the kitchen table. This has become bit of a habit with my son and I; we're always challenging each other to find the most unusual assortments!

Healthy meals...One semi-raw meal a day is working wonderfully for my body. I feel great and have tons of energy, and feel good about what I am eating. Lunch at work is fast, and a quick raw meal (with a little coffee and chocolate) hits the spot and boosts my energy to finish out the work day!

And not-so-healthy things, like these wonderful May Day doughnuts! I love sweet treats, in moderation of course, and because I could find little US or Southern-based May Day traditions, I 'borrowed' from my beloved's Finland and to my son's great delight, served doughnuts for May Day.


Little anticipations. I can not wait to see this beauty open up!

The joy of traditions that go back so far, no one knows where they originated, like planting rosemary at the entrance to a garden.

All in all, I'm left wondering about the person's comment that they were 'tired of seeing everyone's perfect life' and wanted more reality. I could have photographed the dirty laundry, the bill from the medical office that performed my mammogram, my tired face after a 10+ hour work day...but is that reality? Is that the stuff life is made of?

Do we really want that to be the stuff life is made of? Housework, bills, frustrations with work? In my eyes, those are the minute things. What you see in my photos, the small snapshots of our everyday lives...that's where our real living takes place. The five day photo essay is a tiny little window into the stuff my life is made of.

It is my reality.

And I love it!


Virginia ("Ginn") said...

I've heard similar comments from people. These are the same people who mock the holiday letters many people send out each year. Personally, I love those letters and I am glad to see people posting positive, joyful messages in their status updates. And of course the occasional need to vent or wine a bit is a part of life, but not the center. <3 - Ginn

Sannamari said...

This is a interesting subject!

The everyday life photo's that my friends share in social have seemed mostly realistic to me but I have to admit that occationally I get annoyed by some lifestyle blogs that just seem too perfect. I mean spotles home's where everything always seems to be in it's place, everything matches together and children never have dirty mouth corner's. :D This is probably just a little jealoysy from my part because I'm too lazy to even try to reach that kind of perfection. ;) Then again, I try to remember the fact that I do cheat with picture taking myself, like if I'm taking a picture to share in social media, I try my best to leave dirty dishes and unmade bed's out of them, it's all in the camera angle you know. ;) As a matter of fact, I have looked at our family photos in the past and started thinking if our house used to be cleaner or is it just an illusion! I bet they're all just trick photo's. ;D

Amy Alley said...

Thank you Ginn and Sannamari for reading and commenting. I agree with both of you! (And of course, I always crop out my dirty dishes and unmade beds, too! :-) )